Consulting Services

Prospective franchisors:

We take you from start to finish through:

assessing your business's franchiseability;
strategising how, when, where and what needs to be in place to get going off a sound base;
expansion planning;
country development planning;
financial imperatives and fee structuring;
relationships with franchisees (operational, systems, legal, psychological etc);
recruitment and profiling;

Existing franchisors:

Satisfaction surveys;
Strategy and thinktank sessions brainstorming ways forward;
Best practice audits

Franchise Coaching

  • Franchisees go through different developmental stages throughout their tenure. Franchisees often need direction and guidance in taking their next steps in growing themselves and their businesses. Franchisees looking to become multi-unit franchisees may need coaching and mentoring to ready themselves for this.  Those looking to buy a franchise for the first time benefit from coaching to set them on the right track. Business coaching is an excellent way to ground oneself and confidently move forward. 

    Both junior and senior staff in franchise organisations need some mentoring and coaching to stabilise them in new positions or to embrace new challenges. Coaching is an excellent way to take them to these new levels with confidence and competence.

Franchise Skills Training

Franchise skills training is necessary for franchisees to run their businesses successfully. This applies to:

  • Aspiring franchisees who need to get to grips with what franchising entails
  • Support staff at Head Office, notably Field Service Consultants, who need to be upskilled to service their franchisees in the best possible way. This includes: gaining a better understanding of the franchise model; how to structure field visits; learning how to deal with different types of franchisees; handling difficult conversations with franchisees as well as getting a foothold on how franchise financials work to add real value to a franchisee's profitability and cash flow
  • Bankers and other franchise service providers who need franchise training to service their clients most effectively and need to be well-versed in franchising in order to come from an informed base. 

The training is conducted by franchise training veterans: Elana Koral and Brenda Macqueen

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is coaching so important?

    A top-down strategy, where the boss is the dictator, no longer works and there needs to be a collaborative approach in the office hierarchy where different perspectives are honoured and leaders show genuine empathy. In a coaching culture, leaders encourage people to find their own solutions which results in trust and engagement. Senior leadership should explicitly state why the organisation needs to adopt this new mind-set in order to create clear expectations in learning and applying new skills. Fundamental coaching skills should be adopted coupled with regular peer feedback to keep coaching skills sharp. Everybody in the organisation needs to have a strong grounding in the application of coaching and how to coach for change. Leaders need to practice coaching skills and discuss coaching challenges, whether it be peer-to-peer coaching or deploying external coaches. In addition, rewarding and recognising coaching behaviour should be built into the system. Building this culture requires investment and commitment but this type of environment stimulates new ideas and innovation

  • Why is coaching the ideal tool to get results in a franchise organisation?

    Research conducted for my Master’s degree, shows that there is a very unique dynamic in the franchisor/franchisee relationship where the concept of agency or desire for freedom is always at play. In order to get franchisee buy-in, it is crucial that the support network for franchisees is equipped to manage the relationship. Coaching, of Franchise Managers, Operations Managers and all support staff, provides them with the tools and skills to navigate these relationships productively. We offer coaching for both individuals and teams (comprising franchisor teams; Field Service Consultants; a combination of franchisor and franchisees; a team of franchisees)

  • What is transformational coaching?

    Transformational coaching doesn’t work on attaining superficial goals that are often unsustainable and rarely get the genuine buy-in of the coachee. While transformational coaching is outcome based, these outcomes are achieved by getting to the heart of what a coachee really wants and to discover the hidden treasures that will motivate him/her to authentically drive them. In addition, over and above personal growth, what invariably happens with this type of coaching, is that the coachee vicariously learns from the coach how to have empathy, listen and adopt an approach of reflective enquiry. This is then transferred to their dealings with their team and their customers, creating a flourishing environment all around and having a systemic ripple effect.

  • Is Franchise Coaches coaching only for those in a franchise organisation?

    No. While we call ourselves “Franchise” Coaches, we are adept in coaching all those in the entrepreneurial space, be it self-starters or mature entrepreneurs who wants to refresh and gain new direction. We have many years of experience in dealing with entrepreneurs from diverse industries

  • Do you work with organisations that undergo changes when converted into a franchise?

    Yes. Many people struggle to adapt to a franchising culture and the change can be quite scary and intimidating. Coaching provides staff with the confidence and desire to move forward and embrace this change.