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Franchise Coaches has been in the franchise consulting and training business for over 30 years.

Franchise Coaches has stood the test of time, using its vast and diverse experience to help budding franchisors as well as those who have been in the game for years. What makes us different is that we don't beat around the bush...if your business isn't franchiseable, we will tell you. If it is franchiseable, we will support you to become the top of your game, sharing all the hard lessons learnt by others.  We ensure that newbie franchisors know the inherent risks in franchising and learn circumvention strategies.

Existing franchisors can no longer sit on the sidelines, resting on their laurels. They have to keep reinventing and restrategising to retain and gain market share. We initiate and facilitate this journey with you.

Our experience as consultants, trainers, market researchers, network facilitators and best practice advocates give us the cutting edge in bringing out the best in every franchise.


The Team

Elana Koral

Elana has been active in the franchising space for over 25 years, consulting, training and coaching thousands of franchisors and franchisees. She is actively involved in forward thinking initiatives for those in the franchising industry including the Franchise MastermindSA, networking forums, conferences, speaker engagements, webinars - such as spearheading and moderating the ABSA/FASA ‘Franchising for Africa’ conference. She has a Master’s degree in Business and Executive coaching and is passionate about using coaching as a tool for restrategising the way forward and empowering franchise teams.

Candy Guvi

Candy is a highly personable coach, who leverages her previous broadcast media and current communications experience to help clients to feel at ease, while creating an open and safe space for them. As part of the Absa internal coaching community since 2018, she have coached business and team leaders and individuals that are either transitioning to a new/expanded role, undertaking talent and leadership related development programmes, looking to enhance executive presence and have been identified for potential promotion. Before joining the corporate world in 2013, Candy spent many years as a financial journalist, presenter and producer at one of South Africa's leading business TV stations.

Mohini Soman

Mohini is an attorney with 25 years of experience in labour law.  She has conducted well over 6000 arbitrations and countless mediations during this period and is highly competent in conflict resolution and conflict management.  Her experience in conflict resolution has led her down the path of trying innovative ways of responding to conflict in the workplace with coaching proposed as a valuable resource in the management thereof. She obtained a Masters degree in Business Executive Coaching, subsequently developing an integrated conflict management system for application in all areas of the workplace, with a strong reliance on mediation, coaching and facilitations to prevent conflict becoming full blown disputes.  Mohini holds a B.Proc, Advanced diploma in Labour law, Diploma in Human Resources and a Masters In Management (Business Executive Coaching)(Wits Business School).


“I wish to write to you and thank you for beating a part of my journey and growth, knowing you was the best thing ever that could ever happen to my career…Thank you for opening my mind to see big things and be open to learning.”
Edgar; Franchise Manager, 2020 (Awarded Franchise Manager of the year 2021 Famous Brands)

“After the training, I feel so much more relaxed and motivated using the skills in our stores, you guys are absolutely phenomenal” Fawzia Jimmy’s Killer Prawns

“I had a negative attitude towards coaching but this time I thought I would give it a try and give it my best shot. I never thought I’d gain anything from it but was I in for a surprise! The sessions gave me insight into my life. I was a bit drained before it started and now I’m energised”
Thabang Franchise Manager Famous Brands

“Somebody from outside can help to guide your thoughts with identifying problems and finding solutions.  The Franchise Manager really appreciated having somebody else make him think differently…the coaching assisted him to find new solutions, and how he could improve going forward, particularly how he communicated with his franchisees, and getting results from his franchisees”
Michelle, Operations Manager Famous Brands.

“Coaching with Elana has helped me learn to identify and resolve problems in my business through her coaching. I have learnt to honestly identify my strong points and weaknesses towards my business”
Buhle Mahlangu LEC Catering

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